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The U.S. Constitution gives police officers broad powers in keeping the peace. However, sometimes, police officers cross the line and unjustifiably shoot a member of the public, which is unconstitutional and can be the basis for a lawsuit against the officer. Excessive force or police brutality are terms used to describe a police officer’s unconstitutional conduct when unjustifiably shooting a member of the public, which is a very serious violation of a person’s Constitutional rights.
We trust police officers to protect and serve the citizens of the community. While most dedicate their lives to upholding the law, there are rogue officers that abuse their power and use excessive force by shooting a member of the public without justification. We hold these officers accountable for their actions and help the victim and the family recover damages caused by an unjustifiable shooting.
If you are the victim of an unjustifiable shooting, you are not powerless. For more than 20 years, William Muhr, LLP has been standing up for the rights of victims of unjustifiable police shootings across the country. We seek fair compensation and justice for people who have been shot without justification.

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