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At William Muhr, LLP, we're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help. 

Involved in an Auto Accident? Are you Injured?   We are a highly experienced firm of auto accident lawyers who will seek full compensation for every client we represent.  We have helped over twenty thousands victims of car, truck, motorcycle accidents  since 1988.

Though our principle office is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the northwest corner of I-25 and Woodmen Road, we also have highly experienced auto accident litigation and personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo,  San Francisco, New York City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Houston, Honolulu, Portland, Columbus and Atlanta. To serve you better, we handle only Personal Injury accident cases in this complex yet very limited area of law.

We know from over 27 years’ experience how to handle personal injury cases stemming from car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents.  Approximately 90% of the personal injury accident cases in our firm have been successfully resolved out of court. However, if your case is not settled out of court, then we will proceed to trial with strong representation. Counsel representing you at your jury trial will be approved by you and will have extensive experience in handling jury trials. We assign the most experienced and qualified trial lawyer from our firm to handle your jury trial so that you may feel assured that you have a fine team of accident lawyers and sufficient financial resources to retain quality experts to help you obtain the jury verdict that you fully deserve.

Why William Muhr, LLP?

The accident firm of William Muhr, LLP is composed of trial attorneys with outstanding credentials and decades of trial experience.

Our partners have credentials you can trust in representing you in your accident or personal injury, including:

* Experienced Former Insurance Defense Lawyers
* Former Certified Military Judge
* Mediated or arbitrated over 3000 cases involving auto accidents; personal injury; insurance disputes, and wrongful death claims
* 100+ trials taken to verdict
* Precedent-setting cases

* Obtained multiple individual settlements and verdicts in $1 Million
* Argued numerous cases before Court of Appeals and Supreme Court

* Handled over 20,000 accident cases to the full satisfaction of our clients

* Recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients over the last 28 years.
* Other impeccable credentials

If you have been injured in an accident, please call us now for a free consultation with an experienced accident attorney and personal injury lawyer . Get our experience and resources on your side.

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